Multi-Factor Authentication

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

By implementing Authen2cate’s unified Identity and Access Management solution, you can prevent identity attacks and data compromise with an added layer of security.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), at the time of accessing protected resources, simply requests multiple of the following factors: something you know (ex: passwords), something you have (ex: mobile phone), and something you are (ex: fingerprint). The most common form of MFA is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), in which combining two requested factors grants authenticated access. Studies show this can be as much as 99% effective at stopping phishing, brute-force and even targeted attacks using weak or stolen credentials to gain access.

Types of Two-Factor Authentication:

We profile our 2FA methods into two groups, basic and advanced.

Basic 2FA
would utilize a one-time passcode (OTP), delivered via Voice Call, SMS or E-mail. You may be familiar with this style of 2FA if you do online banking or recover an online account after forgetting your password.

Advanced 2FA
is more secure and utilizes our A2C Mobile app for time-based OTP, or the recommended Push challenge in which a user swipes to accept the access request.

Ways to Implement Two-Factor Authentication:

We offer a variety of ways to implement 2FA throughout your business. This allows for a complete access security profile no matter the entry method.

Protecting access to key business applications with 2FA can ensure the information contained is secure. Better yet, by utilizing our Single Sign-on portal, you can protect all of your business applications with 2FA, all the while making access to daily applications quicker and more convenient for your users.

Remote Access:
Protecting your business resources within your own perimeter is one thing, but with remote work on the rise, how can you ensure employee access is secure? Enabling 2FA on remote access can be your front-line defense against bad actors. We provide 2FA Solutions for VPN, Windows Remote Desktop Web Access and Remote Desktop Protocol Access, creating a solution for nearly any remote access method.

Local Access:
Creating a complete security profile with 2FA sometimes means going upstream. With our Windows 2FA solution, you can ensure any device within your domain is protected with 2FA. Whether it’s the first time logging in or the hundredth, each user will be notified that this domain PC is protected using 2FA, and to either elect their challenge method or register to advance.

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